Switch our street lights back on

Colchester Lib Dem MP Sir Bob Russell is backing calls for to end the night time switch-off of Colchester's street lights.  Last night, Lib Dem led Colchester Borough Council voted to ask Essex County Council to enable the Colchester street lights to remain on all night.

The Lib Dems want to move to low-energy LED streetlights, which would save Essex taxpayers MORE money than switching off most streetlights during the night.


Most Colchester Conservatives voted against the motion to end the night-time switch-off.  The Conservative parliamentary candidate abstained.

The switch-off was brought in by the Conservative who run Essex County Council.  Essex Conservatives voted against a similar motion from Lib Dem county councillors earlier this week.   You can read the details here.

Liberal Democrats in the coalition Government have created the Green Investment Bank, which has £3.8 billion to support the roll-out of projects like low-energy LED streetlights.

The full text of the Colchester motion is:-

"This Council seeks to reverse the impact of Essex County Council’s Part Night Street Lighting policy within the Colchester Borough by requesting that Essex County Council finds the sum of £130,000 per annum (identified by Essex County Council as the amount saved by the night time switch off of the Borough's lights) to enable the Colchester street lights to remain on all night.

"The amount to be spent is to be taken from council reserves, other funds or savings that the County Council sees fit to use for this purpose, or through the County Council seeking funding from the Green Investment Bank to upgrade all of the county's street lights.  The Green Investment Bank has £3.8bn to make the country's infrastructure greener and stronger and it has stated that councils making this switch will be able to repay this funding quickly and then make up to 80% savings on electricity.

"This Council believes that accidents and certain types of crime increasing show that action has to be taken to get the lights back on."

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