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Sir Bob Russell

Member of Parliament for Colchester since 1997


Bob Russell outside Houses of Parliament

Bob's claims for attending to his Parliamentary duties in London (the additional costs allowance) are within the lowest 10% in the country. Bob shares a modest flat in London with a fellow MP and travels to Westminster by train. The mortgage interest on their flat is around £10 a week. Most MPs claim over twice as much within the additional costs allowance.

Bob previously commuted to London when first elected, but found that it was costing the taxpayer more, and he could use the three hours each day doing more work for his constituents. On a typical day, Bob is at his desk at 6.30am, and doesn't stop working until 10.30pm.

Bob has consistently argued for an overhaul of the allowances system, and would like to see accommodation similar to the Merville Barracks established for MPs so that no one can abuse the system.

Full details of Bob's expenses can be seen below.

Bob has held advice surgeries nearly every week of this year, and dealt with over 1,000 new items of casework, since May, as part of his average 80 hour working week. In Parliament, Bob has asked 306 Written Questions and attended 97% of votes, both of which are well above average for MPs. He has the highest attendance record of any opposition MP in the country.

Bob's Expenses

These are my annual costs per resident based on the number of people living in the Colchester Constituency.

Basic MP's salary - 59p

Communications - 10p

Additional Cost Allowance - 6p

(personal cost for when attending to Parliamentary duties in London)

Staff costs - 85p

Incidental expenses - 24p

(office running costs)


Total cost per resident for 2008-2009 - £1.84