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Sir Bob Russell

Member of Parliament for Colchester since 1997


Fresh hope to save Alderman Blaxill School

October 29, 2012 3:51 PM

There is fresh hope that Colchester's Alderman Blaxill School at Shrub End will continue to offer secondary education following an intervention in the House of Commons this afternoon by Colchester MP Sir Bob Russell.

School's Minister David Laws MP offered to meet Sir Bob who had asked "what financial support is available to allow secondary schools to retain surplus places to enable them to be used when increased numbers of children of primary school age and lower reach the age of 11."

Current plans by Essex County Council are to shut Alderman Blaxill School - but Sir Bob has pointed out that if this happens then in a few years time there will be a shortage of places. While there are currently insufficient children of secondary school age to support all the secondary schools in Colchester, it is known that the number of children at infant, primary and junior schools - and those yet to start school - will require extensive and costly extensions to schools if Alderman Blaxill is no longer available.

Liberal Democrat Sir Bob said that he hoped that at his meeting with Mr Laws they will be able to devise a financial formula to keep Alderman Blaxill "in the secondary school system" so that it will be available when the number of children of secondary school age picks up again in four or five years time.