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Sir Bob Russell

Member of Parliament for Colchester since 1997


Keep party politics out of the police

October 29, 2012 9:36 AM

Sir Bob Russell, MP for Colchester, is urging residents across Essex to "keep party politics out of our Police" and vote for Independent candidates in the Election on 15th November for the Essex Police and Crime Commissioner.

Sir Bob noted that "people have two votes - a First Preference and a Second Preference. There are two Independent candidates. For those who do not think we should bring party politics into our Police Force I hope they will vote for both of them."

Sir Bob said that he would be giving his First Preference to Mrs Linda Belgrove, the former Vice-Chairman of the Essex Police Authority, with his Second Preference for Mr Mick Thwaites who is a retired Essex Police Officer.

He added: "Both of them have qualities which I feel are more important than giving a party political direction to the policing in Essex. Both are worthy candidates. I just hope that people will vote for both of them, whatever the order they feel their preferences should be given."

Sir Bob has been Liberal Democrat MP for Colchester for 15 years. For ten of those years, Sir Bob served as a member of the Home Affairs Select Committee. He is a graduate of the Police Service Parliamentary Scheme during which he spent time with Essex Police.